For almost 20 years Maisto and Harley-Davidson have had a licensing agreement allowing the company to reproduce replicas of the iconic American-made motorcycles. In mid-2015, Maisto will ship Series 34 of our 1/18 scale collection- with each Series containing 6 different motorcycles, Maisto has launched well over 200 different 1/18 H-D! We have also launched 1/24 motorcycles, 1/12 motorcycles, and a line for kids called Cycle Town. A few years ago we launched 1/24 Trucks with H-D motorcycles, and even a range of 1/24 cars decorated with H-D colors and logos. All of these brands have been extremely successful, and Harley-Davidson ranks as one of our most valued licensing partners.


We have included a snapshot of some of our current items on this feature page. Check back in the near future as we add our Entire Catalog of H-D 1/18 Motorcycles.

1:12 Motorcycles

1:18 Motorcycles Series 33-28

1:24 Motorcycles

1:24 Ford Pick-Up with 1:24 Motorcycle

1:24 Scale Jeep® & Ford Vehicles

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