Los Angeles, CA. (June 2011)

World-renowned die-cast and radio-control toy manufacturer, Maisto International has announced plans to launch their first-ever collector's fan club. More than just a traditional fan club, Maisto promises a heavier dose of consumer involvement, interaction and engagement with their fan base. The Maisto product line is made up of die-cast collectibles, radio-controlled and infrared vehicles including cars, motorcycles and airplanes that come in variety of shapes, scales, sizes and features. The creation of the fan club will be aimed to enhance Maisto's brand loyalty especially in the die-cast collectible category.

"Our mission is to create and foster an exclusive fan following around the world," said Rick Berman, Director of International Licensing/Marketing/Design at Maisto. "For some time now, Maisto hobbyists and enthusiasts have asked us to create a community where they can share stories, knowledge, photos and enjoy their passion for Maisto products. We are very excited to launch the new fan club in the fall of 2011." Although details about the fan club have yet to be announced, Berman did reveal that there will be multi-layer memberships based on the level of interest of their fans. Maisto fans will be able to choose from a free, basic-level program to a low-cost, premium level program. With either selection, the new fan club members will have a lot to be excited about.

The development of the Maisto fan club will be spear-headed by Los Angeles-based marketing agency, RAINDEO | BEAUTIFUL, who championed last year's holiday promotion, the Rock Crawler Giveaway. "The new Maisto fan club will be a lot more than what the name states," said Mark Quest of RAINDEO | BEAUTIFUL. "This is truly a one-of-a-kind club whereby the fans themselves will be very hands-on. We are giving them the chance to officially name the fan club and they will be actively involved in voting on the new club logo." A comprehensive media and advertising plan is in place to promote the fan club to existing Maisto enthusiasts and prospective die-cast and toy collectors by way of viral marketing, interactive and social media, special events and product packaging.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as Maisto International initiates the fan club promotion. For more information, be sure to visit Maisto's website and Facebook page.

About Maisto

The Maisto brand name was registered in 1990 by May Cheong, a vertically integrated manufacturer based in Hong Kong. The company has been manufacturing die cast replicas for over 40 years, have over 11,000 employees worldwide, and manufacturing facilities covering 2,000,000 square feet. For more information, visit , Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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